Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Insights: whisperers

Ah, a well-travelled meme... when you search only the word 'whisperer', most of the related searches have to do with Jennifer Love Hewitt. However, there certainly have been a fair amount of things out there using the word 'whisperer' - a word that, otherwise, you will agree, is complete crap. Check it out:

It's actually a pretty interesting graph, how Cesar Milan and Jennifer Love Hewitt duked it out for whisper-supremacy before the Party of Five star blew dog-boy out of the water. As random stats go, it turns out they go for Ghost Whisperer most in Singapore (the USA isn't even in the top ten), Dog Whisperer most in the States, Horse Whisperer in South Africa and Baby Whisperer (which I admit I've never heard of) in New Zealand.

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