Thursday, November 5, 2009

Google Insights: DDR, BRD

So when I was a kid, I used to collect stamps. I think my reason for doing so was that 'a kid needs to collect something or other'. Anyway, some of the nicest looking stamps came from "DDR", which, it turns out, was East Germany

So anyway while looking at the sub-national maps on Google Insights (not every country gets one), I was wondering what search terms to look for that would bring out geographical distinctions in other countries (like I've done in the States a few times). Not knowing that much about Germany, I went back to my stamp-collecting days and tried "DDR". Bingo... there's that Iron Curtain, as if it had never gone away...

Sad, eh? But perhaps not that surprising... people researching their own local history or something. So of course it made sense to try "BRD", the acronym for the old West Germany, and the one featuring the indubitably awesome word "Bundesrepublik". Well? Here you go...

Isn't that strange? It turns out that only East Germans care about East Germany, but only East Germans care about West Germany too. The Cold War is a non-entity in the former West, it seems. Or rather perhaps politics doesn't make the Wessies tick. What does? Well, I couldn't think of much, until I stumbled on the thought of immigration, and tried "Turk":

There it is! There's West Germany! Where the Turks live!

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