Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Insights: two-letter combinations, part two

Okay, the answers. Last week, I decided to test myself to see which two-letter combinations I predicted would have been Googled most often. Here are the results:

Set #1: 'au' 86, 'aa' 39, 'ao' 19, 'ai' 16, 'ae' 5. I bet au, aa, ai, ae, ao. So not bad all told. I just underestimated 'ao'. I don't know why people search for 'ao' as often as they do.

Set #2: 'be' 78, 'ba' 11, 'bo' 9, 'bi' 7, 'bu' 5. Similarly, it's not that bad except that I underestimated 'ba'. British Airways, I suppose?

Set #3: 'ca' 78, 'co' 50, 'ce' and 'cu' tied at 13, 'ci' 4. I bet co, ca, ce, cu, ci, which just mixes positions one and two. I forgot about my own country, Canada.

Set #4 is as follows: 'de' at 81 well above everything else, 'do' 13, 'da' at 6 and 'di' and 'du' tied at five. My answer of 'de', 'di', 'do', 'da', 'du' errs by, for some reason, way overestimating 'di'. Too much credit to fans of ex-royalty, I guess. I did say it was the most difficult, though.

Set #5: 'eu' 65, 'ea' 22, 'ei' 9, 'ee' 7, 'eo' 5. This time, like before, I was off by drastically overestimating one of them: 'ee'. I'm not sure why, really. Did I think the world was filled with Estonians?

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