Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google Trends: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft

So how weird is it that, even though Google has resoundingly kicked the ass of Yahoo! as search-engine-du-jour, more people Google Yahoo! than Google Google itself? And how weird was that sentence?

I’m a bit sceptical of Microsoft’s low, and lowering, performance here, though of course Google and Yahoo! are branded by their url, whereas Microsoft uses ‘MSN’ as its main internet portal. Adding ‘MSN’ to the mix makes more sense, as it itself is Googled 2.8 times more often than ‘Microsoft’, though still less than Google and Yahoo! And, interestingly, stable across the years whereas Google and Yahoo! are steadily climbing.

Though it’s IT-paradise India that tops the list for Googling both Google and Microsoft, the city that Googles Microsoft most is, hilariously, Seattle, Washington. Perhaps they’re engaging in Google-bombing at HQ?

Oddly enough, India comes in only at 7th on the Yahoo! list. It’s Malaysia that leads the pack there.

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