Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google Insights: Oscar winners

The lifespan of a Hollywood movie: shorter even than the lifespan of certain species of beetle. I wasn't expecting perennial interest, but this does make an interesting graph of the quick rise and quick drop-off of Osscar-winning movies. This represents four of the five most recent Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards ('Brokeback Mountain' lost to 'Crash', a film whose title is too generic to mean much of anything, but still got more Google hits than any other movie here). In each case, the year of their release shows a huge spike, but then an immediate drop-off after that.

Also interesting: the USA shows up at only #9 for searches for "Slumdog Millionaire". The remainder of the top ten is made up entirely of: India (#2), its subcontinental neighbours (Sri Lanka #1, Bangladesh #5, Pakistan #8) or Indian-culturally-influenced countries (UAE #3, Mauritius #4, Singapore #6, Trinidad & Tobago #10). The United States led the searches for each of the others except "Million Dollar Baby", where it came #2 to Italy.

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