Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bungle Jerry

And... back. After a bit of an unscheduled absence. "Did you miss me when I was gone?" asks a meek Bungle Jerry. "Snort," replies the next-to-non-existent audience. Let me prove it:

This is a graph of how many people, since 2004, have Googled 'bungle', 'jerry' and 'bungle jerry'. The third one is a bit silly, admittedly, since I haven't had this particular 'handle' that long, and like companies worldwide do when they introduce new products to the market, I Googled it first (probably the first person to do so - though it doesn't show up on this chart, sigh) and found nothing unsavoury or, well, at all.

Which is still the case, sadly. No surprise that 'jerry' outranks 'bungle'. People searching for the latter are primarily searching for 'bungle bungle' or 'mr bungle' and, oddly, come from Chile and Australia. 'Jerry' searches are most common in Morocco, Vietnam and Tunisia, members of la Francophonie all (because of Jerry Lewis?), and the top searches and rising searches include 'tom', 'tom jerry', 'tom and jerry', 'tom ve jerry', 'tom y jerry', 'tom si jerry', 'tom e jerry', 'tom et jerry', 'tom jerry games' and 'tom jerry video'. So, well, that prety much explains it.

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