Saturday, July 17, 2010

Springfield, USA and Springfield, Australia

So I've heard that Matt Groening decided to name the fictitious city where the Simpsons live "Springfield" because there's one in almost every state. Turns out that's quite accurate - and, laughably, there are five Springfields in Wisconsin alone. The map of where in the USA people are Googling "Springfield" looks like this:

Certainly an atypical map. What's going on? Well, here's a list of the top ten states, and the population of the community within their borders called "Springfield":

  1. Missouri (157,630. Metro: 430,900)
  2. Massachusetts (154,082. Metro: 680,014)
  3. Illinois (116,909. Metro: 201,437)
  4. Vermont (9,078)
  5. District of Columbia (None)
  6. Oregon (52,864)
  7. Arkansas (No Wikipedia page, but it exists)
  8. Ohio (65,358. Metro: 140,477)
  9. Connecticut (None, but Sprinfield, MA borders it)
  10. Kentucky (2,634)
Okay, that didn't make a lick of sense, did it? Here's the same thing for Australia:

  1. Queensland (5,732)
  2. New South Wales (3,921)
  3. Northern Territory (None)
  4. ACT (None)
  5. Victoria (There are two, but no population listed for either)
  6. South Australia (541)
  7. Tasmania (There is one, but no population listed)
  8. Western Australia (None)
 Okay, that made even less sense. I'll just stop now.

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