Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google Trends: winter, spring, summer, fall

Here’s a very pretty graph to get us started. As you might expect, people search for certain seasons on Google more often during that season than at other times of the year. Thus, each search term here has annual peaks and valleys, exactly as expected. The incredible stupidity of the fourth season having two names means that searches for ‘autumn’ are not included – though they’re far less than these four anyway. I’m not surprised that ‘summer’ is the most searched-for term, but I am surprised that winter comes in fourth. I also find 2008 very intriguing, where three of the four seasons experienced a sudden spike and spring in particular went haywire. What was so interesting in the spring of 2008 about the word ‘spring’?

No surprise that Canadians searched the most for ‘winter’, but odd that the city with the most searches for ‘winter’ is Orlando, Florida – perhaps Canadian snowbirds Googling pictures of the season they were no longer experiencing. It’s the Americans who Googled ‘spring’ and ‘summer’ most, but for ‘fall’ (which of course does have a secondary meaning), the #1 country inexplicably becomes the Philippines. What is it the Filipinos love so much about that season?

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